Power Partners

Nothing is more important to IND Group than making a continous effort to ensure all of our business affairs are decent and in order. We understand that entrepreneurs are more comfortable with risk, more achievement oriented, more self-directed, and want to do business with people who can be trusted. Our Power Partners (like ourselves) are interested in creating good relationships.

What is a Power Partner?
Simply put, we define Power Partner as a business who has been invited and screened by IND Group as one who is customer-centric. We recommend these businesses, and believe our Power Partners can be trusted and depended upon to meet your needs in an exemplary manner.

How to Become a Power Partner
By invitation or by request.

What is the Process?
The process is easy. If you would like to be considered as an IND Group "Power Partner" please fill out our online request form. A Power Partner administrator will contact you. After your request form has been completed and approved, your business will be added to our Power Partner database. Power Partner must log onto the site with their credentials to accept the Terms and Agreement. Once you've accepted the Terms and Agreements, you can update your profile, upload a company logo ...etc. All changes must be approved by an Administrator prior to being visible to the IND Group user community.

  • Customers are able to provide feedback on service provided by Power Partners.
  • If two or more complaints are posted against a Power Partner, their name will be temporarily removed from the database until the issues have been resolved and we feel the Power Partner has provided the service to our customer in good faith.
  • Power Partner is able to read comments posted against their profile by our customers. We are almost like a BBB model.

Who has access to the Power Partner Database
a) Only customers of IND Group will have access to our Power Partner database via their control panel.
b) Internal staff has access to the Power Partner database via their control panel.

Submit your application now!
Click here to submit your application for consideration to be a Power Partner.