When dealing with IT vendors, coders and programmers, it's easy to pick up when you're getting the run around. You've been there and done that. You've made your mind up that you won't waste time or money on projects that will not turn out right. At IND Group we agree with you. We understand.

We are straight-talking from a conceptual standpoint. That's why after several years of business, we finally get it. We have heard (almost) all of the horror stories. We know we can do better. For us, it's about engaging in a conversation, developing a relationship, and working to satisfy your IT needs. We know our stuff and respect that you know what you want and are capable of sharing that vision with us.

We are industry experts. We desire to deliver the benefits that IT provides for your business organization. Bottom-line that is what it is all about.

We'll take your rough ideas and figure out dependencies, timelines, and budget to ensure that your concept makes sense. Then we get back to you and provide a bid for your project.

Consultant: one who gives professional advice or services : expert
At IND Group, we strive to deliver unparalleled information technology professional services. To do so our formula is simple; we:

  1. Are excited to engage in a meaningful conversation and to listen to your specific needs
  2. Understand today's business problems and challenges across many different verticals
  3. Collaborate with you, provide personalized services and speak solutions
  4. Cater to you and your business to facilitate your "getting the most out of IT"
  5. Can mastermind your IT strategy to identify products that work and produce the right results
  6. Are independent and not committed to any one software solution
  7. Are objective and offer the right products and services to meet your unique needs
  8. Can help you take advantage of the latest technologies
  9. Can ensure that your IT assets remain in perfect working order
  10. Assist you dealing with the pressure of complying with strict regulations by determining the best-case IT solution