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Why IND Group?

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Anatomy of IND Group IT Consulting

Rapid growth and mature businesses understand the notion of using IT for strategic competitive advantage. These businesses have come to realize the problems encountered by working with firms that donít get it. They are tired of being burned with not getting what they pay for. They want and deserve to work with a firm that can meet high-quality standards for services rendered and provide the kind of customer satisfaction that is expected in the marketplace.

IT Management Today

Rapid growth and mature businesses desire to push the envelope and gain the very best that in-house IT teams can deliver. Yet, senior executives ask CIOs and IT managers to align IT with the business. Is this request realistic? Todayís leading-edge high-performance businesses and governments must reinvent themselves and instead think of spinning IT together with customers and stakeholders to create an interlocking chord.

Outsource Website Maintenance w/ IND Group

If your web site is constantly outdated and you have limited amount of resources to maintain its content, respond to customer request or maintain data displayed from a backend database, then contact IND Group to become your web administrator.

The Business Case for IT Consulting

Todayís leading companies are looking into new ways that IT strategy and tactics can streamline internal operations, cut costs, and increase business profitability. When it comes to IT consulting, trust and experience matters. We understand the pain you experience seeking to develop and deploy information-based tools that deliver key strategic solutions.

Why IND Group?

With IND Group, information technology delivers reduced costs, creates stronger relationships with customers, innovates, and facilitates niche marketing.